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Our #1 Goal is to Get the Prescription to the Patient

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Helpful Info For Our Representatives & Distributors

 Topical Pain Products

  • -Please be sure to review the script pad and formulations with the physician.
  • -Most major insurances are accepted
  • -If a patient’s insurance does not cover the product, the patient will be informed of alternative products

Why Global Brace & Limb?

  • -100% of prescriptions make it to the Pharmacy
  • -80% plus of prescriptions are filled
  • -An “Active” vs. “Passive” pharmacy – “We work hard to get your prescriptions filled and refilled”
  • -“Order of Preference” prescription pad that eliminates call-backs to office
  • -Patient assistance program – patient will receive medications prescribed
  • -Medicare Accepted
  • -Free Overnight shipping

Patient Benefits

  • —-Personalized services
  • —-Patient assistance program – patients will receive medications prescribed
  • -—Disease state education PharmD available for consultation
  • —-Low side affect profile – Safe alternative to oral medications

Prescriber Benefits

  • —-Increased fill rates and adherence – if you prescribe it, you want it filled
  • —-Less call-backs and hassle for the office staff (time is money)
  • —-Avoid oral high risk medications and monitoring (less drug to drug interactions)
  • —-Pentrovan active X base – holds highest active concentration: 40% and best absorption rate.  Penetration enhancers e.g. propylene glycol, DMSO