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Fracture & Post-Op Bracing


All our braces have been developed and tested in over 5,000 clinical cases in conjunction with the University of Miami, Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation*. The information gained from these studies was a key resource in the design of this fracture/post-op bracing line.

The design is comprised of overlapping anterior and posterior shells that allow for ease of adjustment, accommodate for volumetric changes of soft tissue associated with fracture healing and eliminate the need for serial casting. Anatomical and biomedical considerations insure that soft tissue compression is maintained as volumetric adjustments are compensated for while maintaining proper suspension of the brace over the fracture area.

Flared edges are incorporated in the anterior and posterior shells providing superior patient comfort throughout full range of motion. Maximum patient comfort is also provided through the use of a specially formulated low density polyethylene plastic with 1/8″ foam lining that pads the anterior shell. Excellent off-the-shelf fit has been achieved through many years of clinical development.