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Continuous Passive Motion Machine for Knee Rehab

After knee surgery, patients experience pain and inflammation, which can inhibit the healing process and make rehabilitation difficult. The Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) devices can be used after surgery to help the healing process and aid in joint recovery.  A CPM Machine Knee Post-Operative Care can provide great benefits to your patient.

The patient places their leg in the CPM device, and the device moves the joint through a full range of motion exercises. The movement of the joint allows for the natural synovial fluid in the joint to diffuse nutrient to damaged areas, as well as clear other metabolic waste products.

Another benefit of a CPM device is that it prevents the build up of excessive fibrous scar tissue formation.   If scar tissue is allowed to accumulate, the patient can have long-term pain and limited range of motion even after the joint has “healed.”

Global Brace and Limb rents CPM devices on a monthly basis. Please contact us for more information about our CPM and joint rehabilitation devices.

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