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Prosthesis Preparation

Prosthesis Preparation

Most people do not know what to expect or what to do before or after having an amputation. Global Brace and Arthur Finnieston Prosthetics & Orthotics have complied the following information to help with pre-prosthetic care and fitting the first prosthesis.

- If possible, meet with your doctor and the prosthetic team before the amputation to discuss the best choice for a prosthesis based on your type of amputation. We can prepare for the creation of your prosthesis and fit you as soon as possible.

-At Arthur Finnieston Prosthetics and Orthotics, post op management begins with wrapping the limb with elastic bandages. This is superior over the “shrinker” elastic sock method.

-Your limb should be re-wrapped 6-8 times a day to help reduce edema and atrophy dormant muscles significantly faster than a shrinker. Proper residual limb wrapping has also been indicated to reduce phantom sensation.

-Massage, tap, and pat the limb to help desensitize it. This can help reduce the chance of discomfort when wearing a new prosthesis.

-Talk to your physician about exercising and stretching the limb muscles. This can prevent contractures or “shortening of a muscle” that can be caused by inactivity. A limb with a contracture becomes very difficult to fit a prosthesis. A contracture can only be reduced with intense and sometimes painful stretching exercises. Therefore it is important to begin exercising as soon as possible after surgery. A medical professional should be consulted regarding an exercise program.

Your First Prosthesis

Unlike many clinics, we believe in starting the patient off with the best prosthetic components possible. If limb shrinkage occurs over the first year, we will simply revise the socket as needed. Our experience has shown us that using the “true” prosthesis from the beginning has a very positive effect on patient’s physical rehabilitation and their confidence. Global Brace works with Arthur Finneston to provide the most advanced prosthetic products on the market.

Remember prosthetic care is not a one-time service, but a rehabilitation program, it is important that we have a good relationship with you. We want to ensure you are as comfortable as possible in your new prosthetic, so we are there for you every step of the way. Contact Global Brace & Limb today to learn more.

Continuous Passive Motion Machine for Knee Rehab

After knee surgery, patients experience pain and inflammation, which can inhibit the healing process and make rehabilitation difficult. The Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) devices can be used after surgery to help the healing process and aid in joint recovery.  A CPM Machine Knee Post-Operative Care can provide great benefits to your patient.

The patient places their leg in the CPM device, and the device moves the joint through a full range of motion exercises. The movement of the joint allows for the natural synovial fluid in the joint to diffuse nutrient to damaged areas, as well as clear other metabolic waste products.

Another benefit of a CPM device is that it prevents the build up of excessive fibrous scar tissue formation.   If scar tissue is allowed to accumulate, the patient can have long-term pain and limited range of motion even after the joint has “healed.”

Global Brace and Limb rents CPM devices on a monthly basis. Please contact us for more information about our CPM and joint rehabilitation devices.

Hyperice Technology is Here!

Hyperice wraps and technology are the preferred icing method of professional athletes from NBA’s Blake Griffin to NFL’s Troy Polamalu. You can be assured that hyperice will provide the superior icing benefits to your muscles and joints as well.